about Athletics Free State

Athletics Free State (AFS) is a supporting body and non-profit organisation responsible for the overall development, administration and control of athletics in the Free State Province. AFS has built an impressive reputation of brilliance and caters for disciplines including cross country, race walking, track & field, road running, and trail running.

A Message From Our President

Blessed athletics year everyone, I am honored to address and extend a warm welcome to the AFS fraternity. We are looking forward to an exceptional 2024, through your achievements and contributions to the field of athletics.

A hearty welcome to the parents and families that never fails to impress us with the constant support and zeal they exhibit in allowing their own families to take part in competitions and balance the work life and academic skills.

We are so grateful to the officials who work tirelessly to carry forward the ethos of athletics this year and every year with so much concern and attention to detail. Your dedication to making AFS a success is infectious and athletes’ motivation has only risen. The athletics volunteers, who are the real heroes that work diligently behind the scenes without demanding any recognition during every event are truly deserving of appreciation.

The participants and support staff have shown so much enthusiasm since last year, it is your efforts and commitment that will be evident at our first athletics events, to begin with. I am sure you will do exceedingly well in the Provincial and National Championships as well. It is also important to remember that winning and losing are only part of athletics . Enjoy the sport and play well, then you will be the real winners.

Do not engage in any interdisciplinary acts, that will hamper the flow of the athletics spirit. Let’s start the 2024 AFS athletics season.

Thank you.

Our Mission And Vision

It is the mission of AFS to promote athletics in every corner of the Free State through mass participation and in doing so investigate the most rural areas to uncover the talent which might have been overlooked or ignored in the past, to identify talent and to develop talent to the benefit of the athletes’ well-being and the benefit of AFS, further and to be accessible to all sport-loving people in our province.

“I’m going to go out there and be ridiculous and see what happens. I’ve got nothing to lose.”

– Wayde van Niekerk, shortly before breaking the 300m World Record at the IAAF World Challenge Meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic in 2017


In the pursuit of this mission, the following objectives are regarded as basic cornerstones of the program guiding the activities of AFS:

  • To establish an open friendly and loyal cooperation between all members for the benefit of athletics, efficient and effective administration, harmonious coexistence and cooperation amongst members and to promote the best interests of athletes and athletics in the Free State.
  • The maintenance and extension of a system of clubs throughout the Free State, open to membership by all members of the population and allowing access to registration, participation, coaching, technical officiating and other services of AFS to all members of the community who wish to participate in athletics and who comply with this Province’s membership pre-requisites.
  • To ensure that no form of discrimination, be it based on race, ethnicity, religion, politics, gender or otherwise, be permitted in athletics and to take all practicable measures to prevent such discrimination.
  • The compilation and maintenance of the rules and regulations governing athletics by the Constitution of ASA and with relevance to this constitution.
  • The training of athletics officials by the promotion of theoretical and practical courses and examinations accessible to all interested parties and leading to registration as qualified officials, such training is to be aimed at ensuring the availability of officials to be utilized for all authorized athletics meetings.
  • The training of aspirant coaches in the principles and methodology of coaching and the organisation of refresher and advanced courses for qualified coaches leading to registration as qualified coaches. Such training is to be aimed at ensuring the availability of coaches for the benefit and development of all athletes.
  • The coordination of athletics in the Free State concerning, inter alia:
    • The annual awarding of Provincial Colours
    • External liaison and affiliation with ASA and any other relevant organisations, internal or external.
    • Licensing of athletes, technical officials, coaches and administrators who reside in or work within the Free State province.
    • The monitoring of athletics at all levels registered within the Free State.
    • The compilation of an events calendar for the hosting and presenting of athletics meetings within the Free State, which shall be subjected to approval by ASA.
    • Development of athletics training programs within the Free State.
    • Generally to do all such things as are necessary or incidental to the attainment of the objectives of athletics in this Province.
    • To conduct regular athletics courses, clinics, training camps and workshops
  • The maintenance of the rules affects the status of athletes and the eligibility of athletes to compete at athletics meetings in the Free State.
  • The promotion of a spirit of dedication to the basic principles of fair competition in all respects, including the right of every athlete to strive to achieve provincial and national titles and colours without being disadvantaged by administrative constraints, rulings, or otherwise.
  • The promotion of athletics meetings and competitions through its members ensures ample and equal access to competition by all athletes from all recognised age groups per the mission and objectives of AFS.
  • The identification of local requirements concerning facilities for training and competition and the promotion of the provision of such facilities through representation to the appropriate authorities and other interested parties.
  • Participation to the full in the affairs of the national governing body of athletics and their affiliated associations.
  • To strive for the total and complete unification and transformation of athletics at all levels, and to stem all forms of racism wherever it rears its ugly head.
  • To enforce the WA Doping Control regulations as laid down in the ASA Constitution, in the Free State.
  • To ensure that more athletics events are taken to disadvantaged communities, especially in the rural areas.
  • To embrace the following further objectives, namely: –
    • To achieve all the objectives set out in this Constitution.
    • To eradicate the imbalances of the past by putting a special focus on making the sport of athletics easy and more accessible to the disadvantaged people in the Free State.
  • To raise funds from whatever appropriate source for uplifting athletics in the Free State.

Our vision is to see athletes reach their full potential, continue to show support at world stages abroad, and help them become better role models for generations to come.

Our Constitution

Read the full Constitution of Athletics Free State here

Management Structure


BOARD MEMBERS 2023 – 2027

PRESIDENT Steven Swarts 0832090329 swartss18@gmail.com
VICE-PRESIDENT Leonard Jingose 0843727818 Leoscakery22@gmail.com
CHAIRPERSON ROAD RUNNING David  Koloane 0838575589 davidkoloane1@gmail.com
CHAIRPERSON CROSS COUNTRY JP Botha 082-8475902 mjpbotha@mweb.co.za
CHAIRPERSON TRACK & FIELD Odessa  Swarts 0829920085 odessa.swarts@vodamail.co.za
CHAIRPERSON MASTERS Henk Le Roux 072-1790737 vrystaatmeestersatletiek@gmail.com
CHAIRPERSON FS SCHOOLS Freddie Heyns 0761654154 freddie@heynse.co.za
CHAIRPERSON FSSAPD Ernesta Strydom 072-3862639 ernesta.strydom@gmail.com
ADDITIONAL MEMBER Kesa Molotsane 0791750023 MolotsaneKC@ufs.ac.za
ADDITIONAL MEMBER Mamosa Thamaee 082-4110107 mamosathamaee03@gmail.com
ADDITIONAL MEMBER Pretty Booysen 0649038935 kpbooysen@gmail.com
ADDITIONAL MEMBER Thando Mboxwana 0734801724 thandomboxwana@gmail.com


CHAIRPERSON JP Botha 082-8475902 mjpbotha@mweb.co.za
VICE-CHAIRPERSON Abel Lekgare 0834851408 Abel.lekgare@gmail.com
ADDITIONAL MEMBER Liane Combrink 0729824856
ADDITIONAL MEMBER Jurina Immelmann 0734198138 jurina.imm@gmail.com
ADDITIONAL MEMBER Pierre Fourie 0741801284 info@parysmultisport.co.za
ADDITIONAL MEMBER Fusi Sello 0655290063 Fusi.Sello@darrd.gov.za


CHAIRPERSON David  Koloane 0838575589 davidkoloane1@gmail.com
VICE-CHAIRPERSON Sydney London 0722586902 sydney.london@mangaun.co.za
ADDITIONAL MEMBER Percy  Liphaphang 0730714255 Percy.liphaphang@gmail.com
ADDITIONAL MEMBER Boy Soke 0780196752 SokeMB@ufs.ac.za
ADDITIONAL MEMBER Tshepo Nyapotse 0781017389 tsheponyapotse603@gmail.com


CHAIRPERSON Odessa  Swarts 0829920085 odessa.swarts@vodamail.co.za
VICE-CHAIRPERSON Theo Senekal 0789873084 kimberleydiamondac@gmail.com
ADDITIONAL MEMBER Madre Haasbroek 0718816300 madre@mm-tv.co.za
ADDITIONAL MEMBER Solomon Pulumo 0629679945 pulepulumo4@gmail.com
ADDITIONAL MEMBER Neo Lekota 0835368767 24neolekota@gmail.com

Not Available

Rules & Regulations

All affiliated Clubs and Associate members must be licensed, this also includes members of the board and its commissions. Permanent license during races must be worn in front and back at any event sanctioned by AFS or ASA, provided changes are made at Track and Field meetings where certain codes require one license number. All members are advised to participate in events that are on the Activity list, either Provincial or National. Temporary Licenses are sold and used for that specific event at a fee provided by the event organizer. 

Clubs will use their own colours for provincial events and Athletics Free State colours for National events.

All Primary School and High School events at district and provincial level must be listed on the Provincial Fixtures List. Effectively, this means that all school athletes participating in district and provincial championships must have a junior license before the athlete can be entered for participation.